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  General RP Corner Rules
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 General RP Corner Rules

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 Fri Dec 10, 2010 9:39 am

* Posting Quality: From now on, all posts in the RP Corner (excluding RP’s OOC) need to have a minimum of 4/5 sentences of text on the fixed skins, in other words a full parapgraph.
This is to keep quality up, as short posts are usually not detailed enough. We realize that some people prefer to post in only a few paragraphs and others prefer enormous novel posts.
Though the opposite applies please try to avoid posts that contain more than 2-3 A4 sheets of text.... after all the gm and other roleplayers need to read it aswell.

o Tip: If you post too quickly one after another, chances are that the quality of your posts will deteriorate. It’s great that you're having fun, but please take your time when it comes to posting so you can make it the best of your ability. If you go on a posting spree the other people in the RP that are not online will get drowned in posts. This often causes the death of RP’s, and it’s a shame to lose an RP that you really like because of a silly reason like that.
A good way to combat this is by introducing posting rotations into your rp.

* Use the best grammar you have available to you. I’m probably sounding like a broken record here, but this rule will probably be enforced the most in this section. Make a conscious effort to speak in a proper manner, and to spell correctly. It doesn't need to be perfect, but capitalize letters when needed, use punctuation, and avoid chatspeak / 1337 5p34|<. If you do wind up with a habit of pOStiNg l1Ke tHiS, expect someone to say something about it.

o Tip: If you have a character that doesn’t speak English and you want to make that clear in your post, that’s fine. Just be sure to leave notes on what s/he is saying, so we can respond properly.
o It is a useful tool but keep in mind that even spellcheckers can be flawed.

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General RP Corner Rules

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