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  General OtakuFire Rules and Etiquette
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 General OtakuFire Rules and Etiquette

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 Fri Dec 10, 2010 8:21 am

Basic Rules and Guidelines

* Be Respectful. No compromises. No exceptions. It's the number one rule at OF. Obviously people will not always see eye to eye. Discussions often lead to heated debates. A disagreement of opinions is not an excuse to attack a person’s character / intelligence / life. Be respectful, courteous and levelheaded. Don’t make posts just for the sake of being rude. And absolutely NO derogatory remarks when it comes to race or sexual orientation, either directed at another poster or character.
* No Bashing. This goes along with “Be Respectful”. This means:
o No bashing people. (This includes any single person and or group/race of people)
o No bashing other sites. (If you don't like the site, then why mention it?)
o No bashing manga / characters. If there's something in particular you dislike about a manga or character, you can state that in an existing thread. But if you dislike a manga / character there's no need to create a thread for that, and there's no need to bash the manga / character. It just ends up leading to fights
o This includes PMs that bother people.
* Put some thought into it. One sentence posts, those “I agree!” posts, and anything that doesn’t add to the conversation is highly discouraged. Show your intelligence! This is after all a discussion forum, here for the purpose of inciting conversation and debate. We understand that there are times when one or two sentences will happen. It’s when posters start making a habit of it that we start cracking down. One sentence posts (especially) do little to add to a conversation, and more often than not kill the conversation at hand. One word posts are an absolute no-no! This includes those one word posts that add a smiley in them. That is considered spam and they will be deleted.
* Use the Search and Edit function: Interested in a topic/character and wondering if it’s being discussed? Use the search function. Submitted a post and forgot to add something? Use EDIT instead of double posting. These two buttons can be your best friends.
* Report, don't Respond. That means report posts that are causing problems in threads, especially inflammatory or aggressive posts are are intended to cause problems. This also means that you don't reply to the posters that are trying to cause problems, because it just results in you getting in trouble as well. Use the Report button and let the staff handle the problem, it's what we're here for.
* No Chat Speak. This is a forum where members can carry on discussions about topics that interest them. It’s not an IM session or a chatbox, so please don’t treat it as such. Use proper English (or as close as possible for those who aren’t native English speakers) grammar, spelling and punctuation. We won’t jump all over you for every little thing, but if you make a habit of pOStiNg l1Ke tHiS, then expect to have someone say something to you about it.
* No Spamming. Spam is any post that doesn't contribute to the discussion. For example, posting just to say “Yeah!” or “I agree with this!” is considered spam. Excessive spamming will not be allowed and any posts will be deleted. Anyone who makes a habit of posting short, spam-like posts will be warned and if it continues, infractions and possible bans will ensue.
* No Fighting. Don’t fight with other members, and definitely don’t start fights with the staff. Seriously, it’s not worth it and no one will end up happy, least of all you. Any problems you have can be solved with calm and polite conversation. If you have a question or wish to bring up a topic with the staff that you don’t wish other posters to see, then use the Private Forum. That’s what it’s there for.
* No Flaming/Flame Baiting. Flaming is attacking someone. Very simple, if you're respectful and don't get into fights, you won't need to worry about it. Flame Baiting is making statements that try to get them to respond back at you with derogatory statements. It's punished just as severely as flaming itself.
* This is a PG-13 board: OF has made it a point to make this site as family friendly as possible. This also means there is to be no talk of rape, implied rape, drugs, or implied drug use. No overtly sexual pics, no string of expletives. If you can't articulate without cursing you should rethink your vocabulary. Please don’t try getting around the word filter in place by using alternate or foreign language characters, either. Be mature about what you’re submitting.
* Absolutely No Porn / Hentai. Seriously, no porn / hentai links, images or downloads, ever. Any such posts will be modified/deleted accordingly and you will be hearing from one of the staff. Depending on the severity of the offense it may result in a ban. This is a PG-13 forum, let’s keep it that way.
* No Duplicate Accounts. That means one account per person. There's really no need for anyone to have more than one account anyway. We're not going to go off on you if you have multiple accounts (we understand about siblings) but just know that we're watching, and we know. If you are banned for other reasons and you create a duplicate account to get around the ban, then both accounts will be permanently banned.
* No Advertising Links. This is pretty self-explanatory. The OneManga Forums aren’t here for you to spam advertising links for any reason. No links to money making sites of any sort are permitted in posts or signatures. Anyone found posting such links will be given a warning and/or ban as the situation merits. If you wish to advertise other sites, use your signature. If you aren’t sure if a link is okay, ask one of the staff.
* Signatures and Avatars. Please read the signature and avatar rules found here.
* Above all have fun! Remember we’re all here for the same reason: we love manga and we want a good conversation about it. If you have any questions, concerns comments, feel free to PM a mod at any time.

Forum Etiquette Guidelines

* Post Smart. Remember to make your posts thoughtful and always try to invite good discussion, and have respect for other people's opinions. If we feel that you are deliberately looking to start trouble or to annoy people, don't expect either your thread or posts to last very long. Remember to argue the topic, not the person. As long as your post is related to the topic of the thread, it won't be considered spamming or off-topic. Have fun. If a thread is already starting to veer off-topic, please don’t contribute to the problem.
* Don't Double Post (posting twice in a row in a short period of time). You have an edit button, use it to alter your posts instead of making another post altogether. In some situations, it's acceptable- if the two posts are spaced out in time and topic. Try to avoid it, however.
* Look to see if a thread about your interest already exists: Several of the forum boards (especially the Naruto, Bleach and One Piece) have handy master lists of discussions that the staff here work hard to keep updated. If you're unsure whether the topic you'd like to discuss already has a thread, please check there first.
* Make your titles very clear: if you are creating the thread, please follow the existing title format (if there is one) or make sure that the thread title sufficiently represents what the topic is about. Don’t make a thread title with something like “Why should I…?” and expect that something so vague won’t changed by the moderators here to better reflect the subject of the thread, even if the first post is excellent.
* Be Considerate. We have a nice community here. Let's keep it that way. If you make a lot of offensive posts - anything sexual in nature, for example - they'll be deleted. If you include a lot of vulgarity in your posts or deliberately try to get around the word filter, that won't be tolerated for very long either. So don't be immature and silly, and you'll be just fine.

Send to your Friends!


General OtakuFire Rules and Etiquette

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